With options of Piano, Guitar, Drums, and Bass Guitar, you will be exposed to new and different approaches to your instrument.  Our goal is to make you a better musician.


Do you have a good voice but want a Great One?  Feel like you've just not reached your fullest potential? Come and learn how to use our Vocal Tips and watch your voice grow daily.


​      2019

We offer private instruction as well as class settings for songwriting.  You will learn proper structure and form to improve your songs and songwriting.
Sound and Media

Sound and Media are as important to Ministry as anything.  Our course of study will offer practical tips for the

use and operation of your sound and creative suggestions to add in media.


The Charles Novell School of Music, CNS, was designed to help you polish and perfect

the gifts that God has​ given you.  Come let us help you chase and fulfill your dreams.